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Midseason Awards Odds

As we conclude the 2023 All Star Break, several awards races have been narrowed down to only a few players. We’ll highlight and analyze the MVP, Cy Young, Silver Slugger, and Rookie of the Year races that will all culminate in the next couple months.

The 2023 MVP race has been narrowed down to four players and one outlier; Soren Etheridge, Logan Rose, Brody Livingston, Jaxson Blum, and Bryson Livingston. While it’s still close, Etheridge and Rose are the front runners at the break as their teams rank first and second in the league standings. On top of that, they’re the only players that rank in the top five for all of the major hitting and pitching statistical categories. Brody Livingston and Jaxson Blum are not far behind. While they’re the clear front runners for the Cy Young award, the offensive production hasn’t been as strong as their competitors. Rounding out the group of five is Bryson Livingston. He’s coming off an impressive showing on the mound and his hitting production has been among the best in the entire league. What else is lacking? Wins. Winning the MVP is nearly impossible if your team isn’t near the top of the league standings. All three of the previous BLW MVP’s had their squads first in the league standings. With that said, let’s get into the rest of season odds.

Soren Etheridge +300

Logan Rose +350

Brody Livingston +400

Jaxson Blum +500

Bryson Livingston +750

With only two series to go, the Cy Young race looks as if it’s been narrowed down to a head to head race between Brody Livingston and Jaxson Blum.

Brody Livingston +150

Jaxson Blum +350

Logan Rose +500

Soren Etheridge +500

Keaton Kimmel +1200

As it usually tends to go, Silver Slugger is the most fascinating awards race. It’s tough to narrow down the Silver Slugger field at the All Star Break but we did our best, taking into account factors such as remaining schedule, the eye test, and batting statistics.

Bryson Livingston +300

Mason Farris +350

Soren Etheridge +350

Logan Rose +350

Porter Swope +350

Jaxson Blum +400

Brody Livingston +600

Reed Ross +800

Finally, the 2023 Rookie of the Year is a fun one. While the majority of people may think that Jaxson Blum has run away with this award, a resurgence from several draft picks and undrafted signings has brought this race a little closer than many would expect.

Jaxson Blum -150

Reed Ross +400

Keaton Kimmel +750

Ronnie Ross +750

Aiden Mahony +1200

Shawn Green +1200

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