1. Balls hit into the oleanders that are deemed unplayable will revert to a double (on ground into oleanders), triple (in air into oleanders). The commissioner and or announcer have the right to overturn the call.

2. Three balls is a walk.

3. Two strikes is an out.

4. The count begins with 1 ball, 1 strike.

5. If you are hit by a pitch, it is ruled a ball.

6. You may switch batters boxes in your at bat but you may not while the pitcher is in there motion towards home plate.

7. The only legal bat is the official yellow wiffle ball bat provided by the league.

8. You need to hold each bat by the handle.

9. If a team bats out of order and the other team finds out in the middle of the at bat the right player will go up with the same count but if they find out after the player's at bat is over they are ruled out automatically.

10. There are intentional walks.

11. A player cannot lean in on the plate intentionally to get hit by the pitch.

12. If a player shows up late to a game they hit last in the order and may not enter the game until the half inning being played is complete.


Boundaries/Field Rules

1. If a player hits a ball into the trees and the ball is brought back onto the field, it is ruled a home run if it was hit hard enough to clear the fence if there was no tree, but it is ruled playable if it wasn't hit hard enough. (Majority of players' rulings to decide call).

2. If a player throws the ball out of play each runner will be awarded one base.

3. If the foul lines are worn out, it will be judged by instant replay (if caught on video), or by the majority of each of the players' rulings.

4. Distance between bases is 40 feet.


League Rules

1. The mercy rule is 6 runs for an inning, except the third inning.

2. Each team can score an unlimited amount of runs in the third inning.

3. There are 3 innings in regulation, unlimited amount for extras and after the 5th Inning each team starts with a runner on second.

4. If the ball hits the strike zone on a - it is a ball, if it hits it in the air it’s a strike, if there is a controversial call on if it bounced or not, it will be looked at if caught on video or it will be called by the majority of the players thoughts.

5. The league is invite-only as of 2021.

6. A team may trade a player throughout the year and each player being traded, as well as the commissioner, has to agree with it.

7. Each inning begins with 1 out.



1. There is no stealing.

2. There is no leading off.

3. If a player runs more than 3 steps out of the baseline they are ruled out.

4. You are allowed to tag up. If someone thinks that the runner tagged up too early they can touch the base they tagged up from.

5. You can get doubled up.

6. There is pegging at every base (throwing the ball at the runner).

7. If you get pegged but the ball hits the ground first, the runner is OUT.

8. There are force outs at every base when they are possible.

9. If the fielder throws the ball to the pitcher before the LEAD runner reaches the designated base, the runner is ruled out (pitchers hand).

10. Players have the right to run to the next base if the pitcher does not have possession of the ball. 

11. Ghost runners are allowed but if there are available runners they will have to run. If there is a ghost runner running to 2nd, 3rd, or home and someone attempts to complete a force out at that base, it will be decided on the lead runner unless there is a runner going to that base.

12. If a runner is trying to run home, a fielder may throw the ball at the strike zone or backstop for an out if the runner is halfway there (it can hit ANYWHERE on the strike zone or backstop). If the runner touches home plate before the ball hits the strike zone or backstop they are safe.

13. There is sliding but at home plate you are NOT allowed to plow over the catcher.

14. If a fielder is in a runner's baseline the runner can plow through them.

15. If a player hits a walk-off hit they do need to run the bases, if they don't they will be given a warning to go do so. If they still don’t, they will be ruled out.

16. If a batter hits the ball and hits a runner in the air or on bounce the runner is out.

17. There is NOT pinch running



1. The maximum number of players in the field is 3.

2. Each player in the field must also bat.

3. If someone throws the ball to another player for a force out at a base but that player drops the ball and the runner gets to the base before the fielder picks the ball up the runner is safe.

4. There needs to be at least 2 players in the field.

5. If a player catches the ball in the air it is an out.

6. If a runner gets in the way or interferes with the fielder the runner is out.

7. If a player comes out of the game for any reason they can't come back in.

8. If there is a fly ball and it hits the fielder and then goes over the fence it is a home run.



1. The pitcher needs to be in the designated pitching zone with their foot during their pitching motion.

2. There are no balks.

3. If a pitcher comes out in the game they can't come back later in the game.

4. 3 balls for a walk.

5. 2 strikes for an out.

6. If a ball hits a batter in the air with a pitch, it is ruled a ball.

8. Pitchers can throw as hard as they want.

9. Balls that hit the zone or the pvc pipe surrounding it are called a strike. 

10. Foul tips into the zone are ruled strike outs.

11. If the ball hits the bat and goes foul it’s ruled a strike (except for 2 strike counts).


*Rules are subject to change

Commissioner Logan Rose 4/11/21

Big League Wiffle Ball