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A Red Beacon of Hope: What's Next for the Diamonds?

The word hope is rarely associated with a team that goes 1-8 in their first 9 games. In wiffle ball, the word hope is NEVER associated with a squad that only wins one game heading into the All Star Game. Last year, the Pacific Panthers proved this narrative wrong when they went from 1-8 to World Series Champions. Ironically, the team they defeated in that World Series has found themselves in the same hole to start this season. With that said, this Diamonds team isn’t in the same ballpark as last year's Panthers. Below are some stats to compare the two squads through nine games.



Run Differential

Opponents Combined Record (Through 9 Games)

2023 Diamonds




2022 Panthers




The run differential stands out in particular. Last year's Panthers were a feared matchup for any team because of their elite pitching duo of Carson Rose and Soren Etheridge. That team kept games competitive and close whereas this year's Diamonds often let games conclude in a landslide. Furthermore, the Diamonds pitching staff has been prone to a league leading 42 hits through nine games compared to 12 hits given up by the Panthers through last year's regular season and postseason.

The Diamonds entered yesterday’s series against the Wolves with a 1-5 record. After being swept, and dropping to a league worst 1-8 record, how could there be hope? First off, they have plenty of swagger. They chant “overrated” at the commissioner, celebrate strike outs with chest bumps, and have a home run chain. This team doesn’t care what anyone thinks. The 2023 Diamonds play the game the same way for all three games and most importantly have fun while doing so. Even when trailing by double digits Aiden Mahony, Ronnie Ross, and Wes Thielen are having the most fun out of everyone on the field. Next, they showed both fight and promise at the plate. Down to their last strike and trailing 5-0 to the Wolves in game two, Ronnie Ross delivered on a shot over the left field fence for his first career home run, cutting the lead to just two runs. It’s rare to see this kind of fight, especially after already dropping the first game in the series. Lastly, they have potential. This squad is still young and promising. With the addition of an elite arm, this team has the chance to be right back in the World Series hunt. Unfortunately, they may need to wait until next year's off-season for that coveted ace. The Diamonds still have their 2024 first round selection which will be extremely valuable if this downward trend continues.

On the bright side, the Diamonds schedule only gets easier from here as they will face the 1-5 Cougars and 2-4 Altitude. All six teams make the postseason and as we’ve seen in the past, anything can happen.

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