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BLW's #1 Character: Aiden Mahony

Dusk settles upon Rose Field as members of the Eastern Extreme jump in joy following a series sweep of the Desert Diamonds who fall to a league-worst 1-5 record. While athletes and competitors typically hang their heads following a loss, this isn’t the case for the Diamonds. In fact, despite their fifth consecutive loss, rookies Aiden Mahony and Ronnie Ross walk off the field with a smile on their faces. The inner competitor in many of us may be irritated by this, for good reason. With that said, the approach Mahony brings to wiffle ball is worth a look.

Mahony arrives at Rose Field in style

This past spring, Aiden Mahony was drafted fifth overall to the Desert Diamonds. When reigning MVP Seth Denmark announced his retirement from BLW and the Diamonds, it was unclear who would attempt to fill his shoes. An early departure from manager Matthew Saba created an even larger problem within the franchise; leadership. Mahony was forced to step into both of these roles in a hurry. With Saba officially dealt, Mahony’s first true test would be against the Extreme. As always he arrived in style, decked out in red while sporting a bucket hat and carrying a duffel bag as if he were an NBA star walking down the pre-game tunnel. “That style comes from me just wanting to be different,” Mahony stated.

Mahony took the hill in games one and three, allowing five total runs in two losses. Despite the result, he plays with a clear passion and joy for the game of wiffle ball. “My joy comes from me just having fun and doing what I love doing.” Dancing, diving catches, and sliding into first base are all a part of the Aiden Mahony experience. A fan comment on the Diamonds-Extreme video reads “Mahony’s gotta be a fan favorite at this point. Bring the Diamonds franchise some greatness.” Mahony is doing just that. While wins will likely be a problem for the remainder of the season, Mahony and the Diamonds are quickly becoming a fan favorite and entertainment machine simply because of a love for the game of wiffle ball.

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