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Est. 2019

Meet The Teams

Big League Wiffle Ball was founded in 2019 and has since grown to 6 teams and over 30 players!

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Western Wolves

Founded prior to 2019, the Western Wolves are one of the most historic teams in the league.

Roster: Logan Rose (manager), Luke Rose, Porter Swope, Jake Tucker, Dylan Grossman

History: 2020 World Series Champions, Lost in 2021 World Series


Desert Diamonds

The Desert Diamonds rebranded from the Downtown Diamonds in 2022.

 Roster: Aiden Mahony, Ronnie Ross, Wes Thielen, Tripp Atkinson

History: Lost in 2022 World Series


Pacific Panthers

The Pacific Panthers are the second of BLW's original two teams.

Roster: Carson Rose (manager), Soren Etheridge, Declan Sabean, Aiden Sabean, Cade Jeffery, Matthew Saba, Keaton Kimmel

History: 2022 World Series Champions, Lost in 2020 World Series


Arctic Altitude

The Arctic Altitude expanded in 2021 led by manager Joey Jankowski.

Roster: Joey Jankowski (manager), Jaxson Blum, Braeden Lewis, Shawn Green, Evan Land

History: #1 seed in 2021 American League


Coastal Cougars

The Coastal Cougars have been home to former manager Luke Rose (2020-22) and Altitude manager Joey Jankowski (2020).

Roster: Mason Farris (manager), Bryson Livingston, Chase Udall, Reed Ross

History: 2021 World Series Champions


Eastern Extreme

The Eastern Extreme expanded in 2021 led by manager Sam Novak.

Roster: Brody Livingston (manager), Reid Umar, Jonah Thomas, Barrett Livingston

History: Began 2022 season 9-0 and finished as #2 overall seed

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