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Where Does Soren Etheridge’s Performance Rank All Time?

This past week Soren Etheridge had a performance for the ages, setting several BLW records in the process. Those records included the most hits by a single player in a series (13) and the most all-time cycles in BLW history (2). After a shaky start on the mound allowing seven earned runs on only two hits, Etheridge bounced back, cutting his E.R.A. down to 2.10 when it was all said and done. A performance like this begs the question; where does this performance rank all time?

When you initially think of great BLW performances Logan Rose’s no-hitter streak, Brody Livingston’s early dominance, and the Panther’s 2022 postseason run all come to mind. Rarely though, do these elite performances come in a single series. Etheridge just did that! Despite it only being the second series of the year and against what some could argue is the weakest pitching in the league, Etheridge is batting .765 with an OBP of .826. These are video game numbers. There is no doubt that this is by far the greatest statistical performance of all time. As for greatness in a series, the stats and records set, carry this performance to the top 10 all-time. With that said Etheridge’s rookie teammate Cade Jeffery finished the series with 9 hits and a .529 AVG not far off from Etheridge’s record-setting stats. This further suggests that the level of competition was not at a BLW high like the teams they’ll face in the coming weeks. It’ll be interesting to see if the Extreme have the same success at the plate when facing the Diamonds in slate two.

As we look ahead to the final series of slate one, all eyes are on the star pitching matchup between Brody Livingston and Jaxson Blum. This series should be circled on everyone’s calendars to the extent that Opening Day was. We’ll be back next Thursday to recap this clash of the Titans going down this weekend!

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