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BLW Pre-Season Awards Predictions

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

We're just two weeks away from Opening Day dropping on YouTube and it's that time of the year to make award predictions for the upcoming season. We'll take a deeper look into four awards in particular, discussing the favorites and underdogs to take home some hardware by the end of the 2023 season. Also included are mock-betting odds for each award!

MVP - For the first time in recent memory, the MVP award doesn't seem to have a clear front runner. Instead, we'll have to see who separates themselves from the large pack of players all in the conversation. Players on teams with multiple all-stars may have a tougher time finding individual production despite a better chance at winning as a whole. This will all play a role in determining this years Most Valuable Player.

Brody Livingston +500

Bryson Livingston +800

Soren Etheridge +800

Luke Rose +800

Jaxson Blum +1500

Mason Farris +1500

Logan Rose +1500

Joey Jankowski +3000

Cy Young - This year's Cy Young race is another close one and new rule changes will only add to the drama. All of the off-season transactions have left several players such as Soren Etheridge and Bryson Livingston looking to prove themselves as aces in the league. It should be fascinating to see who rises to the occasion and makes a name for themself.

Brody Livingston +400

Soren Etheridge +600

Luke Rose +750

Jaxson Blum +800

Bryson Livingston +1000

Logan Rose +1800

Aiden Mahony +5000

Silver Slugger - The 2023 Silver Slugger race will be far more exciting than that of previous years. It's no secret than an increase in hitting has been a major emphasis for the league this off-season through various rule changes that will be implemented during Spring Training and beyond. We'll see who adapts to these changes the best and claims this years Silver Slugger award.

Mason Farris +750

Brody Livingston +750

Bryson Livingston +800

Luke Rose +1000

Soren Etheridge +1200

Logan Rose +1500

Aiden Sabean +2000

Jaxson Blum +2000

Joey Jankowski +2500

Porter Swope +4500

Reed Ross +4500

Shawn Green +4500

Rookie of the Year - The 2023 Rookie of the Year race has the most questions out of all the awards. While to many Jaxson Blum may seem like a clear favorite, questions regarding his availability leaves room for others to compete in this award race.

Jaxson Blum +150

Reed Ross +450

Shawn Green +500

Aiden Mahony +2500

Ronnie Ross +3500

Jonah Thomas +3500

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